Taapsee Pannu shocked to see accidents, now she start road-safety awareness campaign…


Mumbai : In India year by year road accident cases increses, many people lost thier life in road accident, to control over this now bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu has start a  road-safety campaign. Taapsee Pannu has been riding motorbikes these days, because her upcoming film, which is being shot in Goa, will feature her riding a two-wheeler. A source says that while riding the bike, the actor was shocked to see how rash many young riders are, that's why she started a road-safety campaign with the help of her friends.

Apparently, the actor has contacted a friend, who runs an NGO in Delhi that works towards spreading awareness about the ills of drunk driving. “Taapsee wants to discourage the act of drunk driving through this campaign that will be launched on social media first, and will be followed by an event in Delhi in June,” says the source.

When contacted, Taapsee said, “Though I know how to ride a bike, I haven’t been able to own one because of safety concerns. I was shocked to see a few accidents in Delhi, Mumbai and Goa. It’s sad that many people value a moment’s thrill over their lives. I hope I can influence people in a good way through my initiative.”