Syrian Army Presses Offensive Against ISIS


AMMAN: The Syrian armed force has crossed the limit of Raqqa region, home to the true capital of ISIS, after a noteworthy Russian-upheld hostile against the activists, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Saturday.The hostile is the third huge strike on the self-declared caliphate as of late after Iraqi powers endeavored to storm a city and a Syrian state army progressed with U.S. support.


The three major offensives are probably the most forceful battles against ISIS since it pronounced its intend to run over all Muslims from parts of Iraq and Syria two years back.


Substantial Russian air strikes hit ISIS held domain in eastern ranges of Syria's Hama area, close to the limit of Raqqa region, on Friday when the armed force achieved the edge of the territory.


Raqqa city, facilitate east, is ISIS true capital in Syria and, alongside Mosul in Iraq, a definitive focus of those looking to crush the gathering.


The armed force was making its advances from the Athriya territory of eastern Hama region, near the commonplace outskirt with Raqqa. State media said on Friday the armed force had made regional picks up and incurred substantial losses on the activists.


Syrian armed force representatives were not instantly accessible for input.