Syria: Mortar casing falls in Golan Heights


The IDF reported that, a mortar covering fell in an open area in the northern Golan Heights on Wednesday evening. The IDF further stated that in Syria the mortar shell was a stray rocket from the interior fighting and that there were no wounded and no damage as a whole. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu further in a speech in the Golan Heights, half an hour prior to the mortar shell fell that, we are in full control, and we know what is happening crossways the border.

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“Our own way is clear and we do not hinder in what is occurring, but we are resolute to react decisively to infringement of our sovereignty. He further added that, we are not eager to accept no ‘spillover’ on the Golan.

Only than half an hour afterward the IDF assaulted the mortar belonging to the Syrian government from which the shell was fired. As per the reports in the Lebanese network Al-Miyadin, the outpost assaulted by the IDF resided on the outer edge of Quneitra. In light of the fall of the mortar shell in the Golan Heights and the IDF’s reaction in Syria, Netanyahu said while on his visit to the Golan Heights: “I said here that we won’t endure “overflow” and that we will react to each shooting.

Amid my discourse here, a mortar shell was discharged on our domain from the Syria and the IDF has as of now assaulted. “Whoever assaults us—we assault him back. This is our arrangement and we are adhering to it.” The mortar shell fell close to the fringe fence, when just the previous evening the confinement of the range as a shut military zone was wiped out because of relative calm.

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Since the start of the week, many mortar shells have fallen over the Israel-Syria outskirt because of the fights between the radicals and Assad’s armed force, the vast majority of them falling close to the fringe fence amongst Quneitra and the Galon’s Valley of Tears. The IDF struck back a few times, pulverizing the mortars and tanks capable.