Syria: Four suicide bombers hit in eastern Lebanon, Five dead, several wounded


Four suicide bombers blew themselves up in a village near eastern Lebanon killing at least five people and wounding 19 others on 27 June (Monday) in the early hours of the morning and another attack hit the village in the evening. The attack took place in the village of Qaa, predominantly a Christian village in the Bekaa valley, situated near the Syrian border, on the road leading to the Syrian city of Homs. 

At least five people were killed and 15 wounded in the pre-dawn attacks in the eastern village of al-Qaa, in a hilly border area shaken by violence since Syria’s conflict erupted in 2011. In the evening attacks at least 19 people were wounded, the state-run National News Agency said, citing hospital officials.

A military source told AFP there were four suicide bombings in the latest wave of violence. At least one of them struck near a church, while two bombers detonated their explosives near an armoured personnel carrier and a military intelligence unit.

A security source said two of the attacks were near the municipality building in the centre of the village. Al-Qaa, one of several border posts separating Lebanon and war-torn Syria, has been on edge since dawn when residents were brutally woken up by the sound of explosions. At least four suicide bombers hit the village from about 4.20am, the army said. “The first attacker knocked on one of the homes in the village, but after the resident became suspicious he blew himself up,” a military source told AFP. Three other suicide attackers had detonated their own explosives as people began gathering to treat the wounded.