Syria: Australian man Jamie Bright killed in fighting Islamic State


New Delhi : An Australian man has been killed while he was fighting against Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria, media reports said. Former Australian soldier Jamie Bright, in his 40s, was named on social media as having been "martyred" in recent days. The Kurdish People's Protection Unit said on its Facebook page that Bright died alongside three other Kurdish fighters. "He was shot about three or four days ago," an Australian friend who fought alongside Bright in Syria told in an interview.

The friend, who was not named, said Bright had travelled to Syria in early 2015 because he "saw something was happening that wasn't right and wanted to fix it. He saw governments doing nothing. He saw it as wrong and believed it had to be changed," he added.

At least two other Australians, Reece Harding and Ashley Johnston, were killed in 2015 while with Kurdish groups fighting the Islamic State group. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said "Australians must understand that if they go and fight in conflicts like that, they are breaking Australian law. If they come back within Australia's jurisdiction, they will be held to account for that."Under new laws designed to stop citizens travelling overseas to join jihadist groups, it is a crime to fight for militants on either side of the conflict in Syria.