Syria: Airstrikes on Islamic State, 57 killed


Syria: On Monday 57 people were killed in airstrikes supposedly carried out by the US-led alliance next to a prison directed by the Islamic State terror organization in the Syrian city of al-Mayadin.

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On Tuesday the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) conveyed that on Monday the airstrikes killed 42 civilians and 15 guards of Islamic State prisoners.

The death toll augment as there are people still missing under the debris, SOHR conveyed, adding that the prison had around 100 indicts, counting civilians and IS militants.

In Syria on September 23, 2014, the global alliance commenced its military campaign, following the extremists announced a caliphate in Syria and Iraq.Previously it was not a prison, the building in Syria was the home of the leader of al-Qaida affiliate who was slaughtered by Islamic State. The facilities were alienated into a particular section for civilians and for IS associates.

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With the Syrian Democratic Forces, led by Kurdish militias, the alliance is presently taking part in an unpleasant next to IS positions in al-Raqqa province, the terror organization’s main stronghold in Syria.