Sydney : Man trying climbing up Harbour Bridge, police arrested


Sydney : A man who climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and brought peak-hour traffic to a standstill this morning has returned safely to the ground and is in police custody. The man asked the driver of the taxi he was in to pull over in the middle of the bridge just after 9am on Friday. He then jumped out of the cab and began climbing a pillar on the northern side before sitting within the iron structure just under the top of the arch. 

He then sat in the iron structure just under top of the arch, and police rescue officers climbed the bridge in an attempt to bring him down. Just before 11am, he climbed down of his own accord. He was then arrested on the road and taken to Royal North Shore Hospital for assessment. "It's a concern to both us and other agencies involved and we are currently looking into how that male did actually get access to the Sydney Harbour Bridge," Acting Inspector Scott MacGee said. Police have also spoken to the taxi driver but it's unclear at this stage whether that person will face charges for stopping on the bridge.