Sweet Rabdi Recipe



Crispy Corn Kabab!

1 liter milk (Full Cream)

¼ cup sugar

½ tsp cardamom powder

2 tbsp saffron milk

7-8 pistachios, chopped

5-6 almonds, chopped

10 cashews, chopped



Breakfast Triffle

First of all in large nonstick pan heat thick full cream milk, stir occasionally until it get to a boil.

Then reduce the flame to medium. And once a layer of cream is formed over the milk, let stick it to sides of vessel.

Again get the milk to boil and repeat the gathering of cream to sides of kadai or the vessels.

Repeat the same process for at least 5-6 times, till the milk reduces to 1/3 of the original quantity.

After that, add sugar to the boiled milk.

And then add cardamom powder and saffron milk to it.

Give the whole milk a good mix and get the milk once again to boil.

Also sweep off the collected cream from sides. And give a good stir.

Now transfer the milk into a bowl and let it set according to the room temperature.

Further, serve after garnishing it with chopped dry fruits,

Finally serve rabdi either hot or cold, as you like.


Note: you can use this Rabdi in Rasmalai too.