Swara Bhasker calls Vivek Agnihotri ‘sick’ after his statement

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Vivek Agnihotri reveals to Swara Bhasker to go to Bastar to realize what a ‘genuine vagina’ feels like; performer calls him ‘wiped out’

Swara Bhasker has censured producer Vivek Agnihotri and called him “low and debilitated” after he proposed the on-screen character travel to Bastar, Chhattisgarh to see “how the ‘genuine vagina'” feels like.

As far back as Bhasker has, in a scorching remark on Padmaavat, said that the film made her vibe decreased to a “vagina just” because of the self-immolation peak scene, she has been vigorously trolled via web-based networking media.

After her Twitter war of words with vocalist Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, Bhasker confronted the anger of Agnihotri.

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“We have met many ‘ex-naxal’ ladies in Bastar. Every ha painful stories to tell, brimming with manhandle, assault and misogyny. On the off chance that they wed, they aren’t permitted to have youngsters. I think counterfeit women’s activist Swara Bhasker must make an excursion to see how the ‘genuine vagina’ feels like,” Agnihotri composed on Wednesday.

“What ladies need to comprehend that this is a direct result of the phony women’s activists like Swara that the women’s activist development gets endangered. You can’t irritate individuals and win the most basic war of current circumstances – the sexual orientation sympathy,” he included.

Bhasker answered: “I’m sad did you simply propose that I go get myself assaulted? Like genuinely? You composed out this tweet Vivek? I’d say entirely low and wiped out even by your own horrifying gauges of lead and respectfulness.”

On Tuesday, at an occasion in Mumbai, Bhasker had defended herself for bringing up issues through her open letter.

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“I had a couple of inquiries as a main priority which I felt was extremely genuine inquiries, so I asked it. On the off chance that individuals don’t concur, that is totally fine with me. We live in a popular government, so it’s a pleasant thing that we have contrast in sentiments on issues and I figure we ought to have civil argument and discourses since craftsmanship dependably has that plan,” she said.

A few other eminent figures from media outlets have turned out in help of Bhasker in the midst of the trolling and loathe that she’s been accepting.

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