This Suspect’s poor attempt at hiding has the internet in splits


As a general rule, while playing hide and seek, don’t “hide” at a place where one can see you – but it appears like this man missed the memo. A hilarious picture uploaded by the Halifax branch of the West Yorkshire Police, UK, has the Internet laughing out loud, for it demonstrates a suspect “hiding” from the police, however with his legs sticking out in plain sight.

“A male in Calderdale who was needed by Police decided to try hide this morning when they went to his property searching for him. You won’t be amazed to find out that yes we did find him – he won’t be winning any awards for hide and seek champion soon!!!” the police cheekily captioned the photo.

Since being shared on Facebook on June 29, the photo has collected more than 1,000 reactions and a lot of funny comments.

“Brilliant. I wouldn’t have seen if he would have had socks on,” jokes one commenter. “My 6 year old plays better than this,” chuckles another.