Sushma Swaraj lashed out at Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif in her speech at UN


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Foreign Office Spokesman Nafees Zakaria on Monday said that External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj had "disowned" the United Nations Security Council determination by calling Kashmir a integral part of India in her speech at the UN General Assembly.

"Can Indian EAM explain that if Kashmir is an 'integral part of India', why is it on the Agenda of Security Council," he said on Twitter."Strange that Indian EAM is disowning the UNSC resolution and that too at the UN," Mr Zakaria said.

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Ms Swaraj said that Pakistan "persists in the belief that terror attacks will enable it to obtain the territory it covets.""My firm advice to Pakistan is: Abandon this dream. Let me state unequivocally that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and will always remain so."

Her comments were in light of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's speech at the UNGA a week ago where he raised the Kashmir issue and blamed India for human rights violation.

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