Sushil Kumar vs Narsingh Yadav: No winners, only survivors in HC battle


The court fight is at last over. Unless Sushil Kumar chooses to bid in the Supreme Court, Narsingh Yadav will be India's sole 74-kg wrestling delegate at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.


The greatest error Sushil and his camp made, be that as it may, was starting the legitimate procedure in any case. A dharna at Jantar Mantar, yards far from the workplaces of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI), would have been a superior decision. I am certain that, with insight into the past, Sushil and his supporters would likewise be deduction on these lines.


Other than being a top-class competitor, Sushil, as his name truly recommends, is a refined man. He more likely than not thoroughly considered this 10 times before heading off to the Delhi High Court. Be that as it may, then, his dad in-law Satpal, a previous wrestler himself, may have compelled him to do as such. Raj Singh was another. A disappointed VP of WFI, Raj Singh had documented an affirmation in court requesting a trial.


Had he sat on a dharna at Jantar Mantar, or besides, some other spot, Sushil would have gathered a considerable measure of backing from political pioneers also. Once the matter went to court, nobody turned out transparently in his backing. Its a dependable fact that Sushil has a gigantic following in political circles, even among the decision gathering's pioneers. Be that as it may, nobody articulated a word in his backing once the HC began listening to the case.


Narsingh has officially lost a great deal of valuable time — both rationally and physically. Since the fight in court is over, he can focus on preparing. He will now be under huge weight to perform. After all the dramatization, he will be the one Indian member from whom the whole nation would expect an Olympic award. What's more, he knows it well. He will be seen as the person who kept out Sushil Kumar, a two-time Olympic award champ. Having done as such, on the off chance that he neglects to convey, everybody will hit out at him, particularly his depreciators from Sushil Kumar's camp. Sushil comprehends what it takes to be an Olympic decoration champ. Be that as it may, others would not extra him so effectively.