Surprising! MP woman gave birth to four daughters in Morena district


In the Morena district of Madhya Pradesh, the matter of four children birth has came to limelight. The four recently born children have been kept in the intensive care unit due to their less weight. Sources said that Sapna, 25, wife of Ram pahadi, resident of Saralgarh, was admitted to the hospital in the ward on Monday morning.

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She gave birth to four daughters together under intensive care unit. The weight of all is close to 1200 hundred grams. The woman already has three daughters. According to pediatrician Dr. Rakesh Sharma, they are suffering from breathing issue due to the reduced weight of the newborns.  The condition is not good, but efforts are being made to save them.

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In Murana district hospital on December 13, the girl of Kishoregarh village, Girija Jadon, gave birth to three sons together on December 13. Due to the extremely low weight of these newborns, they were also kept in the intensive care unit.