Surprising! These hanging dolls talk with each other, know story behind it

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There is a small island in Mexico which is popular as La Isla de la Ménacas. This island is popular among tourists for its strange thing. Earlier, this island used to be a very beautiful place but now it has become a house of dolls.

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La Isla de la Ménacas Island has not been declared Haunted but the local residents believe that these hanging dolls talk with themselves. Earlier, the situation of this island was different it was a common one and a half decade ago. According to the people, a little girl had died in a mysterious way in this island; Don Julian Santana Berrara was caretaker of this island until 2001.

It is believed that Don Julian Santana Berrara used to live alone at this place before her death. He found the body of a girl floating. When he saw her, her heartbeat was running but even after putting lot of efforts Julian failed to save her. It is said that after girl’s death a doll was also noticed flowing. Julian believed that it is girl’s body so he hung it on the tree, where the girl had died.

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Later, he started hanging doll on the tree for the peace of the girl’s soul.

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