Surprising Facts of Incense Sticks and Dhoop


In Indian culture, we majorly use incense sticks and dhoops to worship god and goddesses. Apart from religious rituals, they have some amazing benefits for which we should be aware of! Some of them are as follows:

Purifies the surroundings:  Its aromatic fragrance makes the surroundings fragrant but, also they spread positive vibes and during funeral ceremony it cures the decay in surroundings. The smoke occurred by the incense stick and dhoop has antiseptic agents which are helpful in general.

Reduce stress and calm mind: The aroma not just purify the environment but, also has a technique to calm our brains. Plus, they even help in maintain the blood pressure and heart rate. If you’ve noticed during body spa they light up incense sticks to lighten and calm the person.  

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Better sex life: Few fragrances like jasmine, vanilla, night queen etc. are well known to attract the opposite sex by aroma, fragrance and positive environment.

Helps in dealing with depression: It helps in eliminating stress, depression and anxiety. It has certain compounds which helps in balancing emotions. The odors of various incense give direct signals to brain. The chemical known as serotonin spreads happiness and helps in curing headache.  

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