Surprising benefits of castor oil for hair


Castor oil is a thick and sticky oil that is pulled out from the seeds of castor plant. It contains great amount of protein, minerals, and vitamin E. It involves healthy and lustrous locks that is beneficial for hair. Check out the benefits of this oil here :

Make hair Moisturized

Castor oil involves rich amount of moisture that goes deep into the scalp and removes the dryness from scalp. It is beneficial in making hair shinier and smoother.

Related imageRemoves dryness and dandruff

Apply castor oil on your hair to get rid of dandruff from scalp. You can add important oils including jojoba, coconut or olive. All you need to do is take a few drops of this mixed oil on your palm and use it on your scalp.

Increases hair growth

Castor oil involves vital fatty acids and omega-6 that regulates blood circulation and increases hair growth. This oil helps to get rid of broken hair follicles and provides strong hair.

castor-oil-for-sale.jpg (550×352)Reduces premature greying 

Make use of castor oil to reduce premature greying of hair as soon as possible. The problem of greying will soon get decreased.

Helpful in making eyebrows and eyelashes thick

If you are eager to make your eyebrows thick, make sure that you apply castor oil on your hair as it will help a lot to make eyebrows thick and voluminous.