Surprising Benefits of Almond oil


Almond oil offers great benefits for your skin and hair, it helps in weight loss and digestion, and it makes skin acne- free. This natural oil is extracted from raw almonds. Almond oil is extensively used for hair and skin care. There are various advantages of this oil some are mentioned below:

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Acne free skin: This oil has a very light texture and this makes it easy for body and skin to absorb and due to that the oil penetrates in the deep side of skin.

Aids in weight loss: Add 2-3 drops in warm water and have it twice in day (morning-evening) , it helps in proper digestion and cleanses stomach time to time.

Prevents cancer: Almond oil is full of fiber and it helps in the regulation of food properly in our system.

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Promotes long and healthy hair strands: Apply almond oil once or twice in a week and before head wash cover your head with soaked towel in warm water, it will enhance hair growth and better texture.

Helps in tan removal: Surprisingly almond oil has SPF 5 and it acts as natural sun screen plus, removes the tan, nourishes your skin to make it glow naturally.