Surgical strike created havoc in Pakistan says PM Modi


NEW DELHI: While declaring the dispatch of an AIIMS in Punjab, Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls out the survey trumpet in the state.

Playing to an enormous swarm that had accumulated in Bhatinda, Modi invoke the soul of patriotism. He hit out at Pakistan over the rehashed cross-outskirt fear assaults.

“Pakistan is not far from here, look at the valour of our army jawans when they conducted surgical strike, it created havoc across border,” the Prime Minister said while speakingĀ at the inauguration of AIIMS in Bathinda in Punjab.”People of Pakistan should tell their rulers- lets fight corruption, fake notes,” he said.

In a stern message to Pakistan, Modi categorically said that he would go the extra mile in solving the perennial water crisis with Pakistan that has been plaguing the state for years.

“The fields of our farmers must have adequate water. Water that belongs to India cannot be allowed to go to Pakistan,” PM Modi said talking about the Indus water crisis.
He further added, “My farmers have the right over the water that flows through Indus, will strive to get that water back.”