Surgeon operates on Patients wrong Foot


New Delhi: On Tuesday a 24-year-old man allegedly had his incorrect leg operated at a city hospital after injuring his right foot from a go down at his residence. Ravi Rai, who is working with a Gurgaon-based secretarial firm, was hurried to Fortis hospital in Shalimar Bagh after fracturing the heel bone of his right leg but was supposedly operated on his left leg, his father Ramkaran Rai suspected. The family has also filed a police grievance in this regard.

The hospital has finished the services of the operating doctor and five other staff members who were present in the operation theatre. His father conveyed that, “My son slipped and fell down the stairs of our home on Tuesday night. We rushed him to Fortis hospital where they did an X -ray and told us there was a fracture in his right ankle for which he would need a surgery. He was hurried to surgery subsequent to we gave our permission. But when they brought him out of surgery, we noticed they had operated on his left leg. His right leg was untouched.” When we raised, doctors come and apologized to us, and conveyed that they would function him again, this time on his right foot. We were so annoyed we straight away asked for his release. Around 4.30 am on Wednesday, after his discharge, Ravi’s family enthused him to the close by Max hospital in Shalimar Bagh for surgery. On enquiry the hospital conveyed that when contacted, Fortis hospital conveyed a specialist board had been constituted in the matter and based on their beginning report, five team members, counting the treating doctor, were finished. First round view suggests that in the rarest of aberrations, the in commission team may have unnoticed and sidestepped due processes. We take our compulsion to our patients very gravely. As this is a zero broadmindedness area for us, the services of erring doctors and staff have been dispensed immediately. Exploit against some others is also being contemplated, awaiting enquiry.” Sources in the hospital conveyed that the enduring had come with a fracture in his heel joint of his right foot.