Supreme Court to hear petition to ban WhatsApp on June 29


New Delhi: The Supreme Court to hear an appeal on next Wednesday to ban Whatsapp and Viber as they pose threat to national security. A Haryana based right to information (RTI) activist has filed a Public Interest Litigation demanding to ban the messaging Apps.

According to reports on Friday, the PIL has been filed by Sudhir Yadav, an RTI activist, who has urged the Supreme Court to examine the matter thoroughly. In his plea, Yadav claimed that these messaging apps were helping terrorists and criminal elements by encrypting the messages.

Intercepting such encrypted messages is virtually impossible – a problem investigating agencies on trail of terrorists admit they are facing. Even super-computers can't decipher and intercept these messages. Decrypting a single 256-bit encrypted message would take hundreds of years, Yadav stated.

Such apps – including Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Hike and Signal – were thus a threat to national security and should be banned, the petition said. A bench headed by the Chief Justice of India will hear the case on June 29.