Supreme Court: Sahara chief Subrata Roy to be sent back to jail


The Supreme Court today ordered Sahara chief Subrata Roy to be sent back to imprison. In the wake of putting in two years in prison, Mr Roy was out on parole.

Prior, the Supreme Court had extended the parole of Mr Roy till September 23, which was allowed to him in May on compassionate grounds after his mom passed away.Sahara chief' lawyer today looked for an expansion of the parole allowed to Mr Roy. The top court however said, "You (Mr Roy) are about-facing to imprison."

The top court not long ago had requested that the Sahara Group tell the truth by revealing its sources from where it had raised Rs. 25,000 crore and paid its financial specialists in real money, watching that it is "hard to process" thusly an immense sum "can't tumble from the sky."

In this long-running case, the Supreme Court had ordered Sahara in August 2012 to deposit with capital market Sebi over Rs. 24,000 crore collected from nearly three crore investors through issuance of certain bonds.