Supreme Court judgement on Liquor Ban


NEW DELHI:  The Supreme Court has issued notice to Patna High Court to ban the consumption and sale of liquor in the state.

"Ban on liquor and fundamental rights do not go together," the SC bench said. On October 3, the case was sent to the Supreme Court by Bihar government.

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The Patna high court had on September 30 subdued April 5 warning of the state government banning utilization and offer of liquor in the state, saying it was ultra vires to the Constitution.

Be that as it may, two days after the high court suppressed the request on disallowance, Bihar government on Gandhi Jayanti turned out with another law banning alcohol with harsher provisions+ like capture of all grown-ups in case of recuperation of the booty in their home.

In its notice, the legislature informed the Bihar Prohibition and Excise Act, 2016 to guarantee that the restriction on special and utilization of liquor including Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) too spiced and local alcohol, proceeded in the state.

While pouncing upon September 30 high court decision, Bihar government asked the court to choose whether state can force total prohibition+ on circulation and utilization of alcohol and whether an individual can guarantee right to expend alcohol as his or her central directly under the Constitution.

It asserted that as an outcome of the high court arrange, the state government's endeavors to bring complete preclusion on alcohol, in execution of its established commitments, has been disappointed.

The Grand Secular Alliance government had initially banned assembling, exchange, deal and utilization of nation made alcohol since April 1, however later forced a sweeping restriction on a wide range of alcohol, including remote alcohol, in the state.

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