Supreme Court: People made to suffer menace of diseases in Delhi


Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal urged Lieutenant-Governor on Thursday to “think about the future rather than the past.”

The Supreme Court on Thursday made stinging comments about the pointless way of the meeting facilitated by the L-G over “tea and snacks” on Wednesday while dengue and chikungunya diseases keep on holding influence over the Capital, asserting increasingly casualties.

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A Bench drove by Justice Madan B. Lokur extremely censured the demeanor of the officialdom towards the wellbeing emergency even as Solicitor-General Ranjit Kumar educated the court that another meeting was planned for Thursday evening.

“We anticipate that the members will keep the interests of the general population of Delhi as a main priority and take a gander at the whole practice in a positive way and consider the future as opposed to the past. We likewise anticipate that the endeavors will be consultative, community oriented and agreeable. Obviously, if any subsequent gatherings are required, they can unquestionably be held,” the court watched.

The court guided the powers to take measures to anticipate and treat chikungunya and dengue and land at a time allotment inside which essential strides would be taken. It likewise guided them to recognize the nodal power for usage of these wellbeing measures.

The court trained the powers to expel the “tremendous measure of waste” lying in and around the city, saying this was an open welcome for the spread of ailments.

Irritated over the serving of refreshments at Wednesday’s meeting, the Bench watched: “On the off chance that we comprehended what is required to be done, we would have done it. We would not have had tea and snacks.”

The Bench was maddened with the minutes of the meeting and said nothing substantive had occurred. “We have experienced the minutes of the meeting held yesterday and we are very baffled with the result,” it said.

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