Super food that boost metabolism


Food: Didn’t you ever wonder why the thinnest friend in your group seems to get visibly no change in his body, despite gorging on junk food 24*7? That is because their metabolism rate is functioning fine, unlike in those, who, despite following strict diets, and regular workout, seem to lose not a single pound. One must understand that ‘genes’ only play a minor role in boosting or lowering metabolism rate in an individual.

Did you know that by slightly altering food choices, one can actually influence their metabolic rate for good? And, you do not have to torture yourself into sweating during rigorous workouts! The basic misconception about ‘fat’ is that it is a result of ‘eating bad’ and living a sedentary life. In fact, fat is a result of low metabolism rate, which often varies from person to person.

Coconut water

Did you know that the primary cause of a slower-metabolism is dehydration? This super-hydrator keeps your body well hydrated, allowing poor metabolism to restore effective functioning.


Complete whole grain comprising all the nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates, and fat, Amaranth balances your digestive system and helps your metabolism to run smooth.

Pistachios (Pista)

Munching on pistachios through the day actually influences your metabolism for good. They are rich in proteins, dietary fibre, and vitamin.


This leafy green food is a rich source of protein and fiber that helps your stomach feel full, without spiking the blood sugar levels. Spinach and Brussels sprouts too are a great alternative for boosting metabolism.


We all know of Papaya’s amazing power to keep digestion in order, but you may not know that papain, an enzyme present in Papaya speeds up your metabolism.


Here’s another reason for seafood lovers to gorge on delicious Salmon. Rich in fatty acids that will actually cut down fat in your body, Salmon instantly starts the process of tearing down fat, converting them into energy.

Cottage cheese

Do not confuse it with Paneer. Cottage cheese is more of a freshly made liquid, right before its turned into paneer. Laced with protein, Cottage cheese is easy to digest and also helps your body to break down calories faster; thus boosting metabolism.

Red chili

Its main component, capsaicin, raises your body temperature when you eat, thus boosting your metabolism.

Hemp seeds (Bhang seeds)

A great source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, Hemp seeds if taken in appropriate proportion revs up your metabolism; thus reducing bloating.

Powdered green tea

Apart from less than regular caffeine, it also has norepinephrine-stimulating EGCG, a nutrient that helps boost your metabolic rate.

Almond Butter

This low-glycemic food helps in keeping your blood sugar level, which directly affects your metabolism.

Mandarin oranges

Slightly different and smaller than the regular oranges, these are eaten raw or as a salad ingredient. It satiates the required nutrients and also lowers stress levels; thus reducing levels of cortisol.


A great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and dietary fiber, Blueberry instantly reduces stress levels and boosts metabolic rate.