Sunny Leone’s 10 Bold and Controversial statements


Mumbai: Sunny Leone starrer ‘One Night Stand’ is out now. Porn star turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone is also known for her bold and sensational statements. In an interview, when she was asked whether she has a sad story, she replied, “No, I don’t have a sad story. I was never hurt. I was neither   rape nor beaten up.”

In an interview she said- "Initially, I felt lonely. People stare at me, but did not speak.”

“Some A-list actors do not want to work with me. Some star’s wife refuses to share their husbands with me on the screen. "

"Indian ladies do not have to fear me; I'm not going to take away someone's husband. I have my husband who is hot, sexy and talent so sorry ladies I have no interest in your husbands."

Kamal R Khan wrote on twitter that- "Sunny Leone said that the rape is not a crime, but it is a surprise sex." However, Sunny denied the fact that she did not give any such statement.

Sunny said that – “she is not sorry about her past (porn star's image). Because of the past, she has reached this point today.”

“I have to go with an actor/actress on stage in an award ceremony, but they refuse.”

“Everyone has a choice to say no to the adult industry. After reading the contract it is your decision. I’m proof of that if you take the adult industry as the business, people will not exploit you.”

“I have done One Night Stand. Who does not? If someone deny it well they are lying.”

“I think you go into any corner of the world. You will find every man is the same. The difference is just their culture and religion.”