Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber are now proud parents to a daughter


Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber are now proud parents to a 21-month-old girl child. The couple has adopted the child from Latur in Maharashtra and the little one has been named Nisha Kaur Weber.

The duo had applied for adoption at an orphanage just about two years back. And now they have finally been able to realise their dream of bringing an infant home.

As per a report in originally attributed to one of a leading newspaper, Daniel stated, “Right now, it’s all so brand new because it has just been a couple of days. The moment we got the photo (of Nisha); I was so energized, upbeat, emotional and [experienced] so many different feelings. We litrally had three weeks to finalise everything. Usually, individuals get nine months to get ready (giggles).”

The adoption process included a lot of paperwork and the couple was  busy putting their documents in order to finish the formalities.

Additionally, they couldn’t pick the orphanage. Talking about how Nisha entered their life, Sunny stated, “We didn’t choose. The Indian government and Cara agency chose when we were prepared (smiles). We didn’t know that you don’t get the opportunity to pick the ashram or orphanage that you adopt from, the ministry decides for you,” she said.

Sunny (Karenjit Kaur) always wanted to have a Punjabi name for her son or daughter and thus Nisha has Kaur as her middle name.

Here’s wishing Sunny and Daniel hearty congrats on the arrival of their little princess Nisha.