Sundar Pichai: Use of physical computer may come to an end as per future trends


Google thinks that the use of the computer will come to an end according to the future trends. According to company CEO Sundar Pichai one day computer will not be a "physical device". The alphabet is sent to shareholders of the parent company on Thursday Pichai wrote in a letter: "If you look towards the future" device "concept will be over. Over time, computer (in any form) as an intelligent assistant will help you throughout the day. " Even now, most online activities are recorded from the touch screen smartphones, but Pichai believes that artificial intelligence of computers is growing in size.

Pichai said: "We are heading for a worlds-first mobile Artificial Intelligence."

Pichai was talking about PlayBook, because Google is working on artificial intelligence and related technology. This advanced software is already running Google Photos and Google Translate are like Web Services. Startup called Magic Leap has Google as major investors. The startup of the augmented reality system to make more than $ 1 billion fund has gathered. The system can show people around the virtual 3D pictures and other information. It’s possible that Pichai was referring to a similar technology.