Being Sun Kissed is Essential


You must be wondering why sun? It might lead to tanning, heatstroke etc, but, sun bathing is vital than you think. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

Source of vitamin D: Sunlight is the major source of nutrients which plays an important role to keep our immune system and body healthy and nourished. Regular sun bathing might cure your skin diseases and prevent you from number of diseases which occurs due to deficiency of Vitamin D.

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Reduces the possibilities of cancer: Lack of Vitamin D increases the risk of colon and breast cancer. Therefore, advantages of Vitamin D prevent cancer.

Treats depression: It is the most surprising fact; witnessing sunlight on daily basis at least for 10-15 minutes will surely boost the power of your mind and it will enhance your mood plus, will help you to feel better.

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Good care of hormonal balance: Sun bathing minimizes level of the melatonin hormone which suppresses fertility. Plus, sunbathing also helps in stabilizing mood swings and endocrine system in various manners.

Promotes growth in children: Exposure of sun boosts growth in children especially infants or babies. Sun exposure is an aid for height and growth of kiddos.