Sumitra Koluru walks 10km teach kids


Sumitra joined the calling in 2005 and has been serving in Dhopenahatti from that point forward. An inhabitant of Alnavar, Sumitra achieves Dori by transport. Without any vehicle administaration, she needs to walk whatever is left of the separation to achieve Dhopenahatti, which has a populace of somewhat more than 400. 

"Of the 5km stretch from Dori to Dhopenahatti, just 2km is in great condition and whatever is left of the street is tight. It is tricky as well. The condition is more terrible in the stormy season as I need to swim through water and slush," she says. 

At whatever point her significant other is free, Sumitra is dropped at a separation of 2km in the wake of intersection Dori. "The greater part of the general population in this town are day by day wage workers. I need to prepare and instruct their kids," she says. 

A couple days back, Sumitra detected a panther in the timberland. "I am frightened of being assaulted by wild creatures. In the event that I happen to recognize a creature, I conceal some place till the creature vanishes," she says.