Sultan Salman Khan to play role of 75-yr-old in Kabir Khan’s next


Actor Salman Khan who was last seen in Kabir Khan directed film Tubelight, will now work again with the same director. The film didn’t able to receive Rs 100 crore at the box office. The duo will team up once again for a new film.

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As per the source, “See, bhai is not really bothered with what the critics say. He wants to play characters now, and not just be Salman Khan, the superstar. The same critics slammed him for just going in front of the camera and not doing anything to change into characters. Now when he’s keen to play characters he will do what he wants without fear of criticism. Kabir and bhai had already discussed another project during the making of ‘Tubelight,’ and that commitment remains unchanged.”

Recently, Salman Khan requested Kabir Khan to come to his home to celebrate Eid festival. In the upcoming film, Salman Khan will play a role of 75 yr old man.

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Source added, “Bhai got scared of that film because he would have to use a lot of prosthetics to show age. Bhai is not comfortable with prosthetics. He always says no to roles that require him to put on disguises, fake beards, etc. because of his neuro-condition. However, now when he is in the mood to stretch himself as an actor and the old man’s role with Kabir, this will happen.”