Sukhoi fighter, Chetak helicopter crashed in a day


NEW DELHI: Two helicopters including Sukhoi- 30 MKI fighter jet and Chetak wrecked in different parts of the country on Wednesday. Indian Air Force is trying their best to note the high crash rate.

The pilots of both the helicopters managed to flee.

Since 2011, around 60 aircraft had been vanished in the crashes that killed about 80 people. The reasons behind the crash have been found as technical defects and human error, the combination of ageing machines, inadequate training to rookie pilots, shoddy maintenance and poor quality of spares.

The reports revealed that Chetak helicopter crashed on Wednesday in Allahabad due to the engine issues. An officer revealed, “The two pilots tried to land on an uneven field nearby but the helicopter toppled over.”

On the other hand, Sukhoi-30MKI helicopter crashed in Barmer area of Rajasthan due to technical issue. At Least three villagers died in the incident that took place at about 2.15pm.

While the military are as yet compelled to fly the maturing single-motor Cheetah/Chetak helicopters because of disappointment of progressive governments in taking convenient choices, the crash of the twin-situate Sukhoi “air predominance” contender is more troubling.

Currently, nearly seven people died due to 240 Sukhoi-30MKI jet helicopters. ¬†Taking all things together, India has contracted 272 Sukhois from Russia for over $12 billion, with the greater part of them being “delivered under permit” by Hindustan Aeronautics.

The Sukho helicopter is currently liable to be grounded for methodical prudent checks before they can take to the skies once more, similar to it occurred after accidents in April 2009 and December 2011.