Sugar Production in India may decline over 7% in 2016-17


New Delhi: In the present year 2016-17 session, the Indian Sugar Mill Association (ISMA) is approximation the whole land beneath sugarcane in the nation at about 49.91 lakh hectares in the sugar season (SS) 2016-17, which is 5.5% inferior contrast with 2015-16 sugarcane region of approximately 52.84 lakh hectares. Sugarcane land predictable 5.5% subordinate at 49.91 lakh hectares in sugar season. Uttar Pradesh, the most important sugarcane manufacturing State in the nation, is predictable to have a somewhat larger district under sugarcane at 23.35 lakh hectares, as against 23.02 lakh hectares previous year. ISMA is pregnant a superior yield in 2016-17 SS due to a extensive augment in area below the superior yielding sugarcane diversity CO0238. That will climb the sugarcane manufacture and accessibility for crushing by sugar mills. Additional, dissimilar Maharashtra and North Karnataka, the climate has been good in U.P. with sufficient rainfall. Thus, sugar production in U.P. in 2016-17 SS is predictable to be around 75.40 lakh tonnes, which was 68.22 lakh tonnes in 2015-16 SS. The additional main sugar manufacturing State, viz. Maharashtra's sugarcane region has decreased in 2016-17 SS, which is mostly due to lack of rainfall previous year, deprived rainfall and lesser water accessibility for irrigation.

As next to the sugarcane area of 10.5 lakh hectares in 2015-16 SS, the cane region is predictable to come down to 7.80 lakh hectares in 2016-17. Sugar manufacture is, consequently, predictable to be around 61.5 lakh tonnes in 2016-17 SS, as against 84.08 lakh tonnes manufactured in 2015-16 SS. Alike Maharashtra, owing to lesser rainfall, sugarcane area in Karnataka have also decreased in 2016-17. Region beneath sugarcane in 2016-17 SS is predictable to be regarding 4.15 lakh hectares as alongside 5.10 lakh hectares in 2015-16 SS. Sugar production in 2016-17 SS is probable to be around 32.2 lakh tonnes, as against 40.71 lakh tonnes expected to be shaped in 2015-16 SS. Sugarcane area in Tamil Nadu in 2016-17 SS has augmented to 2.65 lakh hectares as alongside 2.50 lakh hectares in 2015-16 SS. Owing to superior rainfall and expected development in acquiesce, sugarcane manufacture will also rise, resultant in better sugar production of 15.6 lakh tonnes in 2016-17 SS as against 13.93 lakh tonnes shaped in 2015-16 SS. Throughout 2015-16 SS, till 30th June, 2016, about 248.15 lakh tonnes of sugar has been manufactured and an additional 2.75 lakh tonnes is predictable to be shaped in the special season till September, 2016 in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, captivating total sugar production in 2015-16 SS to 251 lakh tonnes. During Oct-May SS 2015-16, about 169 lakh tonnes has been despatched and another 85-86 lakh tonnes is predictable to be despatched by mills. With predictable sugar exports of 15 lakh tonnes in current season, the closing balance would be 71 lakh tonnes. ISMA estimates manufacture of 232.6 lakh tonnes of sugar in the period 2016-17. This is about 18-19 lakh tonnes less than the present 2015-16 SS production of approximately 251 lakh tonnes. With an predictable aperture balance on 01 October 2016 of 71 lakh tonnes, and predictable production of 232.6 lakh tonnes, the sugar availability during the 12 months of next season will be 303.6 lakh tonnes, sufficient to meet the home sugar consumption requirement of 260 lakh tonnes in 2016-17 SS. Subsequent uear for the sugar season 2017-18, the aperture balance of about 43 lakh tonnes as on 1st October 2017, will be enough to meet the country's domestic obligation for the two months of October-November, 2017, during which time new season's sugar production counting the sugar produced in October-November 2017, would have contentedly come into the market.