Stylish Hair Styles to get perfect festive look!


Every girl wishes to look attractive during festive season. Wear dazzling accessories along with dress helps to enhance appearance. Check out what type of hairstyles you can make during this Diwali 2017:

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 B Stylish

First of all, make the ponytail at the back side. Make two rolls of the pony by mixing the top roll and bottom roll, and then pin it up. You can also decorate your hair with accessories.

Image result for hair styles for festive season High bun

Divide the hair into two sections and from the back hair make high bun. Now twist in the small section of the forward hair and make a bun. You can try it during any festival or any function.

Image result for high bun hairstyle

Traditional Touch

First, divide the hair into two sections and pin it close to the ear while lightly twisting it. Make ponytail from back hair and pin up the small rolls. After this, decorate the hair with accessories.

Image result for Traditional hairstyle

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Bridal Style

Curl hair and twist it and pin it up close to the ear. Make a finger roll from the back hair and then make a bun. Your hair will look very classy!

Image result for Bridal Style hairstyle