Styling hair with an open flame is the latest trend in Russia


We’ve told you regarding salons that offer neck massages from a python and hairstyling with an axe, however this craze is probably the most amazing of them all. Styling hair with the help of an open fire is the latest fad that is taking over Russia (and social media) and it’s becoming famous online. A video shared by CCTV+ indicates Alexander Menshikov, a hairstylist who says he invented this technique, using an open fire to style a customer’s hair. “It’s not only merely hair with a fire. It’s a procedure of creation. I’m a sculptor and fire is used to cut the unnecessary hairs,” says Mr Menshikov.

Mr Menshikov includes that the technique is safe as the customer’s hair is never on fire for over 2 seconds.

Intrigued? Watch the full video below:

“Hair styled with fire is fashionable and beautiful. I like it very much,” says Kirill, a model and a customer of Mr Menshikov who tried the technique.