Stupendous health benefits of Lychee this summer


Lifestyle: Lychee is an exotic and sweet fruit, which is usually available in summers. Its bright red external appearance like strawberries and internal translucent, soft, fleshy mass makes it irresistibly delicious. Apart from its unique and delicious taste, here are some key nutritional benefits you should consider about the fruit.

Lowers the risk of heart problems and stroke:

Potassium is an important component of the cell and with the presence of Oligonol, it increases your cardio performance. This in turn, helps you to keep a control on your heart rate and blood pressure; protecting you against stroke and coronary heart diseases.

Increases metabolism:

Lychee contains a good amount of fibre and Vitamin B-complex, which helps in increasing metabolism. People especially suffering from insulin resistance due to poor metabolism must consume lychee because the fruit is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids.

Low in calories:

If you’re on a weight loss regime, add lychees to your diet. One cup of lychees will give you just 125 calories and also you reduce sweet cravings. They are low in fat and also contain a decent amount of fibre that may further help you lose weight.

Boosts immunity:

Lychee is full of vitamin C which helps in flushing out excretions like sweat, stools and urine and thus keeps you replenished through the dietary sources. Lychee also proves to be a good antioxidant that improves the immune function of your body.

Keeps your skin glowing:

If you’re suffering from acne problem and spots, then don’t miss out lychees this summer. Lychee will nourish your skin and fine tune your skin tone by minimizing acne blemishes and spots. Plus, the antioxidants will keep doing their job of reducing wrinkles and making you look young and beautiful.