Study: New non-invasive method can help in burning scars


Investigators have established a new non-invasive technique to prevent scarring caused by burn injuries. Lead researcher Alexander Golberg from Tel Aviv University in Israel has also further conveyed that, people don’t die from scars, but they do suffer from them. Golberg has also further noted that, we consider that the technology we expanded, called partial irreversible electroporation (pIRE), can be used to avert debilitating burn scars from shaping.

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The non-invasive pIRE method harnesses microsecond-pulsed, high-voltage, non-thermal electric fields to control the body’s natural response to trauma — the proliferation of collagen cells that cause permanent scarring at the site of wound. The method partly obliterates cells in the injury with short, pulsed electric fields that cause irreversible damage to the collagen cells. But the investigators had to establish a fragile balance so that the method did not create a new injury or ‘overheal’ the existing grievance, because scarring is the body’s natural way of healing.

The investigators treated burn injuries in rats in five therapy sessions more than six months, then charged them using an imaging method urbanized by investigators at Massachusetts General hospital in the US. The investigators established almost 58 per cent decrease of the scar area in comparison with untreated scars. Golberg has also further conveyed that, we have originated a way to partly prevent scar configuration in animal models. Next we need to rise financing to expand a tool for the clinical research on humans.

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