Students protested against the school principal accused of sexual harassment in West Bengal


KOLKATA: The director of an administration school in West Bengal was captured today for purportedly sexually pestering a few schoolgirls. Furious young men and young ladies vandalized workplaces at Kasturba Gandhi High School at Chittaranjan close Asansol. Educators likewise participate. For most recent few days, understudies have boycotted classes and were showing against the key. 

Today, around 10:30 am, the point at which they walked towards the central's office, he secured himself. Police raced to the spot to take control over the circumstance. Understudies encompassed the police jeep and attempted to block it while the superintendent was being taken away. 

Educators and understudies charged the superintendent used to call young lady understudies to his room and make improper verbal recommendations. A few educators claim he even used to debilitate the young ladies with rustication on the off chance that they whined to anybody.