Students of Hotel management cater for AAP gathering in Punjab


A group of students of the hotel management department of Punjab College of Technical Education were seen performing ‘hospitality duty’ for the AAP from the past three days.

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The students made special dishes at the farm house to welcome AAP leaders as well as Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

Apart from students, two chefs and two managers made the food and beverages for Kejriwal’s team at the farmhouse. The college is affiliated to Punjab Technical University.

“Students working for the Delhi CM and AAP team’s hospitality will get credit, marks and will also be evaluated for this assignment,” college claimed.

Anirban Gupta, dean, hotel management, PCTE, said, “The Delhi CM was overwhelmed by the hospitality of our students. It is part of our curriculum that students have to undergo industrial training and this assignment of hosting the Delhi CM will also be considered in it. Those students were on duty here will get marks and credit for it.”

He added, “Students will be evaluated for food safety, hygiene, handling different guests and management.”

“Yes, it was a political gathering but our aim is to serve and satisfy dignitaries with our services,” he added.

KNS Kang, director, PCTE and an AAP supporter, said, “I hosted Kejriwal at my farmhouse and students from our college were given the entire responsibility for food production and hospitality. I think it was great exposure for them to work to ensure hospitality for dignitaries such as the Delhi CM.”

Remembering that Kejriwal is diabetic an extraordinary dish for arranged for him by the understudies. Gupta said "a salted Danish cake vegetable puff" was set up for Kejriwal as he is diabetic and stays away from desserts .

Likewise, natural product cakes including kiwi baked good, enthusiasm organic product baked good and dark currant were among the claims to fame.

For the principle course, signature vegetable dishes including 'Sabz Panchmeli' (five vegetables moderate cooked – carrot, beans, cauliflowers, brinjals and green peas was served – alongside 'sabz miloni' cooked in spinach sauce.

Punjabi fortes – Dal makhni, panch ratan dal (five heartbeats blend) and aloo paranthas – were cooked with insignificant utilization of oil. An uncommon 'aloo gobhi phoron' with Bengali flavors was served. There were bearings not to utilize cream, margarine and ghee.

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