Story behind the Magnificent Laxman Jhulla, Rishikesh


Rishikesh, the town located on the Himalayan foothills besides the holy Ganga River, has traditionally been a religious destination. Rishikesh is the only place in the world which is popular for pilgrimages, yoga as well as for adventure too.

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The famous bridge in Rishikesh is called as Lakshman Jhula which lies suspended over River Ganges is 450 ft long and connects Tehri and Pauri district.

According to the Legends lord Rama’s younger brother Lakshmana crossed the holy Ganga using just two jute ropes.

To honor his feat, a 284 ft long hanging Rope Bridge was built at the same place and named Lakshman.

Until 1889, it was this rope bridge that was used to cross the river but it was washed away during the floods of October 1924.

After this, another bridge was built which opened to public use in 1930. This is still in use but its name remains the same in honor of Lakshmana.

Whoever visits Rishikesh, doesn’t forgets to cross this bridge, as it is so magnificent and iconic.


Around Lakshman Jhula

According to locals, there is  the Lakshman Temple around the Jhula with Risha Kund is where Lord Rama and Lord Lakshmana took a bath in after killing the demon Ravana to wash away their sins. The area surrounding Lakshman Jhula gives a serene and tranquil feeling where one can continuously hear the sacred chants and mantras from the nearby temples. The market here offers idols of various deities, rudraksha, religious as well as holy books, gems, local jewellery and clothes.

One can hire an auto-rickshaw to reach the destination from almost anywhere in the town as well as the airport.

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