Storm Lan continues to hit Japan, 4 dead


TOKYO: Typhoon Lan hit Japan on Monday due to which four people lost their lives in landslides and flooding. The rescue operators evacuated thousands of people on Monday in Tokyo.

Two died as enfeeble storm Lan reaches close to Tokyo

The deadly storm Lan cancelled hundreds of flights and disrupted several train services in Tokyo on Monday.

Several others injured in the calamity and a man was mislaid, reports said. Nearly 130 sustained minor wounds.

In various areas of Japan, Rivers are flowing above the normal level. A container ship carrying 19 crewmembers managed to save their lives on to a harbour wall.

Around 80 000 people were being rescued from the river, NHK stated. As per the reports, around hundred houses in western Japan were swamped.

“My grandchild lives over there. The house is fine, but the area is flooded, and they can’t get out,” a victim stated.

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Lan was recorded as category 2 storm when it reached to Tokyo on Monday.  Nearly 350 flights were stopped and train services were disrupted in Japan’s Tokyo.