Stopping laughing at Sikh Jokes, as Supreme Court gives six weeks to formulate a mechanism


New Delhi: The Supreme Court today gave Sikh bodies six weeks time to formulate a mechanism that will ensure that jokes on Sikh community can be stopped. Meanwhile it is believed that Santa-Banta jokes could soon be regulated.

In the past the apex court, while acknowledging that jokes on the Sikh community are bound to hurt them, has wondered about the practicality of implementing a ban. The court has said that orders had to be within the “judicial dimension” so that they are capable of being implemented. “We cannot say something which is impossible for implementation,” observed the bench earlier this year as it heard a PIL, which has sought a ban on jokes on Sikhs and Sardars, claiming such jokes are a violation of their right to equality with fellow citizens and an attack on the dignity of the community.

The PIL filed by woman lawyer Harvinder Chowdhury had received the support of the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Managing Committee (DSGMC), which said, “distasteful jokes have started hurting the community.” The case has been pending for some time now, with the apex court seeking practical solutions to make the ban effective.