Stop worrying about “thigh gaps” think about the gaps that do affect us deeply


The magical "thigh Gap", for me, has dependably been an idea that is past my anatomical capacities; a blessing that pubescence never gave on me. As a 10-year-old who had thighs thicker than that of her grade school teacher's, I precisely tucked in the sew of my skirt each time I sat. For clear reasons, I was always mindful of my deafening thighs.

Whether it was the week by week sports class or a trekking trip, the considered shorts filled me with fear. Gratefully, my companions couldn't have cared less about thigh holes… or anything by any stretch of the imagination! As I flashed my tough skin close by my closest companion whose fantastic thigh hole was a distinct difference to mine, I took in my first lesson in acknowledgment.

To understate the obvious, I was chafed. As Wikipedia will supportively let you know, " A thigh gap is a space between the inward thighs of a few ladies when standing upright with knees touching. A thigh hole has turned into a part of physical allure that has been connected with delicacy and gentility … Achieving a thigh crevice is troublesome for some ladies and has prompted instances of great dieting or even surgery keeping in mind the end goal to attempt to get it. The thigh crevice furor has been censured as physically unnatural and a generally unachievable body shape objective and as a reason for dietary problems."

What was likewise exceedingly annoying about this is we have a ton of fun at ladies who have thigh crevices. The battles of a young lady with huge thighs have been made to sound more significant than the person who is skinnier. What did the thin young lady do to merit this? How frequently will we compose "Real men like big thighs" before a distorted measurements of certainty is imbued in our frameworks? Why aren't every one of us, with or without thigh crevices, calling horse crap on this?

If you haven’t already, quit worrying about thigh gaps. Instead, let’s start a dialogue about the gaps that do affect us deeply. The wage gape, for instance, has been reported as one of the most troubling realities of our generation. The Indian IT sector, alone, has a wage gap of an alarming 34%. How does that sit with you? Even worse, is the glaring opportunity gap that favours men over an equally qualified woman for the same job. And if that doesn’t blow your lid, reflect back on the time you were ruthlessly snubbed by a male colleague for having any opinion, at all. Doesn’t this communication gap hits home as it feels like a personal struggle?

There, you have it – the gaps that puncture our self-esteem significantly more than the self-righteously marketed thigh gap. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter if you have one or not because our collective struggles as a gender are the same. At the end of the day, if you and I lose an opportunity to be considered worthy of something because of our gender, a thigh gap (or lack thereof) will scarcely be the validation that it is projected to be.