Stop making these silly hair coloring mistakes

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Hair coloring is now becoming a fashion trend. Every girl wants to get a hair make-over either it is after haircut or hair coloring. But before coloring your hair try to avoid these mistakes so that your hair do not get damaged.

Over bleaching the hair-

If you are going for blonde, ash-blonde or lightening the colour of your hair, we suggest to sit with your stylist and talk the plan through. Ask as many questions on whether it will suit your skin tone, hair texture and how the colour will appear once it goes lighter. Over bleaching extensively to get the right colour can cause irreparable damage to your locks.

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Using dry shampoo before coloring-

When you have dry shampoo on your hair, the colour of your roots can look different from what it actually is and can misguide your stylist into picking the wrong colour. Make sure to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo a night before you want to get the colour done.
Using alcohol-based hairsprays-

Alcohol present in the hairsprays takes the moisture off it hair and makes it look coarse and tired. Try to switch to moisturizing cream for your colored strands instead.
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Not following the instructions on the box-

Before a DIY hair coloring session at home make sure to follow the instructions on the hair colour kit properly. Give the colour enough time to settle in before you wash it off to get best results. Also, be realistic about the colour.

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