Steps to avoid stomach infections during monsoon season!


It is a fact that everybody loves to have street foods tikiya, gol gappe, dosa etc during the rainy weather as it is quite tempting. But have you ever noticed that this season become problematic for some people? During this weather we take so much pleasure in eating restaurant, hotel or street food that is full of spices. We found it so YUMMILICIOUS! The monsoon season often leads to stomach related problems like viral, diarrhoea, bacterial gastroenteritis, food poisoning, body aches, stomach cramping, fever, fatigue and vomiting etc. Instead, one must take necessary steps to take care of themselves during this season. This article is about how you can keep stomach infections at bay. Have a look here :

Avoid street food

Say No to street food during this season as it increases the risk of stomach related problems. When you have no alternative to eat at home, then select your dish properly and give preference to hygiene!

Wash vegetables before making dish 

If you are cooking dishes related to seafood, eggs shellfish, make sure that you wash it properly. Eat fruits and vegetables only after washing it properly.

Sip boiled water

Prefer to drink boiled water during this season. You may not know from where the water is coming from. So, it would be better to take precautionary measure. When you boil water, the germs present in it get killed.

Consume lot of ginger

Ginger involves a property that helps to fight with stomach infections and protects you against cold and flu. Include crushed ginger in your tea and even add it in your daily meal.

Save Rice water

Rice water helps to fight with diarrhea, stomach flu. This water lowers inflammation of the stomach lining and reduces pain. You can add one-and-a-half teaspoon of honey and cinnamon powder to rice water to give it a taste.