Stay in shape with these effective classical dances!

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In today’s time, people are more concerned for their health and fitness. Those days are gone when classical dancing was something your family forced on you as a kid. Now, many people are opting this practice of classical dance to learn a new skill and tone up their body.

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Here are few forms of classical dances you can adopt to stay in great shape

One of the oldest form of Indian classical dances, Bharatnatyam has many mental and physical benefits. Its basic stance, araimandi is a squatting position in which one’s knees are turned sideways. This position keeps the torso steady and helps one master body control. This art form of dance is said to be highly beneficial for eyes as the dancer actively uses them in his or her performance.

Kathak is a very demanding art form of dance and is helps to get rid of those extra fat. All the Kathak dancers have to practice and perform wearing heavy ankle bells, which makes for a weight-bearing exercise.

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In the Odissi dance form, all the body postures help in toning the muscles, improve blood circulation and increases flexibility.


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