Statement of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal sounds hypocritical in Punjab


Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal who had done lots of crimes and sins in past few years is now reacting unimpeachable.  He had alleged on Friday that if his party members would won the elections in Punjab then he would ban liquor and meat around Golden Temple.

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During Delhi Assembly election, Kejriwal has promised to make Delhi addiction-free (Nashamukti) but he had not done anything till now. Now, his statement regarding Punjab seems hypocritical.

Also during the formation of Aam Aadmi Party, Kejriwal had told that the permission of local residents will be required to open the liquor shop in any area.

Presently, it's the same Kejriwal, who thought of a 'give and take' offer for the voters of Punjab — you vote us to power, we'll boycott alcohol.

This has astonished numerous in Delhi, including ex-AAP pioneer and establishing individual from Swaraj Abhiyan Yogendra Yadav, who tested Kejriwal to come clean on alcohol permit issue and discharged the rundown of 399 alcohol licensees.

"It is the same AAP that has conflicted with its guarantee to make Delhi enslavement free (Nashamukti) in its declaration," Yadav told Firstpost.

Kejriwal is on a four-day visit to Punjab to splash the flame that has been touched off by the agitators inside the gathering over different issues going from ticket dispersion to claims of requesting sexual favors by AAP pioneers in lieu of tickets for the 2017 get together surveys. AAP's position in Punjab got to be unpredictable after its state convener Sucha Singh Chottepur was sacked.

"This man of honor (Kejriwal) has no clue about the way of life of Punjab. There are a few blazing issues in the state which should be tended to and still he just discusses banning alcohol and meat. Fundamentally, it demonstrates scarcity of thoughts among the gathering pioneers. There has been a fast decrease in AAP's ubiquity in Punjab, particularly due to the way the gathering pioneers managed their partners," said Bhai Baldeep Singh, a type of the most established Gurbani Kirtan type of singing.

"In addition, does Amritsar need an endorsement from Kejriwal to be a Holy city? Master Ramdas assembled it and since its beginning, Amritsar has been a heavenly city," joked Singh, who had likewise challenged the 2014 Lok Sabha surveys from Khadoor Sahib Constituency.

Swaraj Abhiyan that has reliably been on a crusade against the allowing of 399 alcohol licenses through open hearings, has named Kejriwal's 'guarantee to the general population of Amritsar' – a major joke.

"This fair seems like a major joke by Kejriwal. AAP had guaranteed in its Swaraj Bill that preceding opening of alcohol distributes, endorsement will be taken from nearby occupants. Be that as it may, the guarantee was not held fast to while appropriating the 399 licenses. Indeed, even Kejriwal said this condition in his book Swaraj. The gathering that neglected to stay faithful to its obligations made to the Delhi voters is currently attempting to trick the general population of Punjab. It's totally silly," commented Swaraj Abhiyan's national official part Anupam.

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