Staring At A Woman For 14 Seconds Can Land A Man In Jail, says Kerala Official


KOCHI: A top Kerala official remarked that watching a woman "annoyingly" for 14 seconds can land a man in prison according to specific areas of law has turned into a web sensation on online networking with a state clergyman terming them "bothering".

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"There are areas in law to imprison a man for annoyingly gazing at a lady for 14 seconds. If it's not too much trouble use it (the arrangements in the law), on the off chance that it is the situation," State Excise Commissioner Rishiraj Singh said.

He made the remarks at an occasion composed by a beneficent trust in Kochi two days prior.

Asking ladies to battle the evildoers exasperating them, Singh had additionally requested that they convey blades and bean stew shower in their packs to shield themselves from such components.

"It is safe to say that you are conveying a blade in your pack? Is it true that you are conveying crisp splash? Time is over for avoiding potential risk" he had said.

While Singh's words drew differed responses on online networking, Kerala Sports Minister E P Jayarajan termed them as "disturbing".

"The comments are disturbing. On the off chance that a civil servant makes comments which are not in law, unquestionably the pastor concerned will analyze it and vital strides will be taken," he told columnists.

Mr Singh's remarks drew funny responses on online networking, with jokes, for example, – how a man who went to see a lady at her home after a proposition to be engaged wound up in prison for gazing at her for over 14 seconds.

Some additionally communicated questions over the focuses made by Singh. They asked, "What will happen if a man flickers while gazing at her constantly for 14 seconds?… shouldn't something be said about a man who gazes at a lady wearing a sunglass?".

Rishiraj Singh had sought contention in July a year ago for not saluting the then Kerala Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala at a going out parade in Thrissur.

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