Star Fruit is beneficial for health, check how?


Carambola or Star Fruit is very beneficial tree that act as a perfect medicine. It involves several rich qualities that are helpful for body. It is found during summer to autumn season and involves sour taste.  It contains lot of nutritional values and it can be utilized in form of shake, smoothie or juice. When you consume this fruit, the body gets lot of freshness and energy. One can consume this fruit by adding black pepper powder, chilli powder, cumin powder and sugar. Check out some of its benefits here:

Home remedies for Pigmentation

Star fruit involves lot of antimicrobial properties that treats microbial bacillus cereus, e.coli, salmonella typhus and prevents eczema.

Carambola has vitamin A, B and C which keep the metabolism of the body healthy.

It involves great amount of copper which controls cholesterol levels in the body and provides moisture to the face.

This fruit involves lot of magnesium and vitamin B6 which prevents sore eyes.

Saffron Cures Health

Star fruit helps to clean the blood and provides shine on face. It contains zinc which decreases a propensity towards acne breakouts.