Stab frenzy athlete now caught in sex-swap storm


Lauren Jeska violently cut previous expert rugby player Ralph Knibbs with a kitchen blade in March. 

The previous evening it was uncovered that Jeska is transgender tailing her liable request to endeavored murder. 

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What's more, a survey was to have occurred into her status as a female competitor as she was conceived male. 

It was conceivable she could have been stripped of her titles if UK Athletics decided that she had an unjustifiable preferred standpoint while going up against other ladies. 

Birmingham Crown Court heard that Jeska, 42, had driven from her home in Machynlleth, Powys, to the British Athletics base camp in Birmingham furnished with various blades and wounded Mr Knibbs, 51, a few times in the head and neck.The previous England under-23 and Bristol RFC star is as yet recuperating from his life-debilitating wounds six months after the fact. 

Jeska's counselor, Julie Warburton, said the court would need to see reports with respect to her customer's a mental imbalance before sentencing. 

Jeska was remanded in care until November 15.

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