Sri Ravi Shankar played a significant role in Colombian peace handle


BENGALURU: When the 52-year-old common war formally finished with the consenting to of the peace arrangement amongst FARC and the Colombian government in Cartagena de India on September 26, 2016, Sri Ravi Shankar, organizer of The Art of Living, was welcomed by President Juan Manuel Santos and FARC to the service . 

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After the occasion, President Santos told Sri: "Thank you for all that you have accomplished for the peace procedure. You have been an incredible backing and companion of this procedure. All your help is extremely valuable and your profound direction is so imperative and I'll be appreciative until the end of time." 

For his endeavors, Santos was granted the Nobel Peace Prize for 2016. 

Depicting it as a moving minute for the general population of Colombia and FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), Sri said the agreement gave peace a shot. 

Amid his visit to Colombia, Sri likewise tended to 500 social pioneers, welcoming them to develop inward peace and bolster the peace procedure. At his meeting with the Minister of Post Conflict Rafael Pardo, he talked about approaches to manufacture peace and compromise. 

In September, The Art of Living encouraged a meeting between FARC pioneers and the groups of 12 appointees who were hijacked lastly executed by FARC (one and only survived). Amid this meeting, groups of the representatives communicated their misery to the culprits who said, "Today with earnest lowliness , we might want to freely perceive our duty and request absolution." The meeting finished with the families and FARC pioneers clasping hands and supplicating. "Our push to fly casualties to Havana for a pardoning project was essential in turning the tide for a yes to the choice in Colombia," Sri tweeted about the absolution meeting. "It was a major stride for FARC pioneers to recognize and request forgiveness.This is the force of reflection," he tweeted. The Art of Living in Colombia is creating peace-building program that will be embraced in the post-struggle period. 

Sri emphasized his backing to the procedure of compromise that Colombia set out on after the plebiscite on October 2. "The test of peace in Colombia can make this country the new Switzerland of Latin America on the off chance that we cooperate to join the hearts and psyches of Colombians," he said. 

Sri has been welcome to be the keynote speaker at Reconciliation Colombia in Cali on November 30.

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